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Vulcan Sim Rigs are designed from the ground up to give you the best experience possible as well as the flexibility to change to different games like flying or racing with minimal effort. With our quick adjust and flip control system its now easier then ever to play your favorite games on the fly. With the SR1 Base Rig you can add accessories to upgrade your rig to the ultimate all in one Sim Rig. So go ahead browse our store to find all the amazing add on accessories to give your SR1 Base Sim Rig the ultimate touch.. Free Shipping Included for all orders over a R1000 in South Africa.

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SR1 Base Features

Multi Flip Side Controller System

With so many games available, and controllers to match, unbolting and changing controllers is a tedious and frustrating experience, so we created a flip control system so you can switch game controllers on the fly, No More unbolting your flight joystick for your shifter. No More swapping out your race pedals for rudder pedals. Simply bolt your controllers to our mounting plates and pick your height and spacing slot, then with a quick turn of the hand lever simply flip to your desired controller, as well as your feet controller's. To accommodate the second controller you will need a secondary mounting plate (Sold Separately) which attaches to the opposite side of the clamping block. Holes are pre drilled for Logitech controllers.

Multi Flip Foot Controller System

When it comes to flying and Racing games, you have to choose which controller you want to bolt on to your rig, but with our quick flip system you don't have to choose anymore. Now with the added optional Secondary Foot Plate which conveniently bolts on the other side of the clamp block you can now have both rudder and pedals, and with a quick turn of our lock handle you flip to your desired controller.

Reclining Adjustable Seat

Our Sim Rig was designed to give you a maximum adjustment across all components, our seat is no exception, with reclining, Angle & Depth adjustment, you're sure to find your perfect seating position.

Swing Keyboard Table

With our swing keyboard table, you can always make sure your keyboard is available no matter what game you're playing. The swingarm is fully adjustable in height and position adjustment.

Bass Shakers Mounting Plates

When you ready to upgrade your Rig, we added Bass Shaker Mounting plates under your seat, so you can fit our bass shaker kits with ease. For when you want to feel the emersion. (Bass Shakers Sold Separately)