About Us


As a passionate gamer I love the feeling and emersion that gaming provides. I've been playing games ever since the time you had to plug in a cartridge to play awesome games like Mario Brothers, GI Joe, and many other classics. But gaming has evolved over the years into an awesome range of immersive games from Racing High-Performance Cars to Flying all types of aircraft. That's why I wanted to create a gaming Rig that allows me the flexibility to play all these different types of games without the hassle of changing controllers. In addition I also wanted it be a functional workspace. This was the inspiration for Vulcan Sim Rigs. Built by a gamer for gamers. Vulcan Sim Rigs have all the features you need to enjoy your gaming and give you the flexibility needed to change games with ease. So from myself I would like to welcome you to Vulcan Sim Rigs, and wish you many awesome gaming moments.

At Vulcan Sim Rigs our mission is simple, to create the best all round Sim Rig on the market, we strive to innovate new ways to achieve this and will continue to improve on this idea. When you purchase a Vulcan Sim Rig, you become part of a family of passionate gamers who enjoy the knowledge that no matter what type of game you play our Sim Rigs have you covered. So what are you waiting for, join the Vulcan Sim Rig family and bring your gaming to the next level.