Gaming Bass Shaker Speaker/Amplifier Combo

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A Bass Shaker/Tactile Transducer Kit uses Low-frequency sounds from your game and sends it to the Shaker Speaker System allowing you to feel every race and every battle in the gaming world, and once you've experienced the thrill of using a bass shaker, it will change the way you play games forever. With our Bass-Shaker/Transducer Kit, you will have all the basics to get started from the mini amplifier to the audio cables and mounting bracket to mount to your gaming chair and PC. Great for Simulator Rig builds to give you that real Flight Simulation and Racing Simulation experience. We recommend downloading a bass shaker software to enhance your experience, so you can set up your bass shaker kit for different games according to your preference. So what are you waiting for, start your virtual engines, reload your virtual weapons, and feel the world of gaming!



What's in the box:


  • 50W 4ohm Bass Shaker Speaker/Transducer
  • Mini Bass Shaker Amplifier
  • Mini Amplifier Power Supply Cable
  • Male to Male Audio Cable
  • Male to Y Split Female Audio Cable
  • Speaker Wire For Bass Shaker
  • South African Adapter Plug EU-SA
  • Gaming Chair Mounting Bracket